Last Vision

June of 2012 I injured my back muscle enough where I couldn’t move for three days. During that time, my primary view was a ceiling fan. Helpless in this new state, I gave in to self-pity and total boredom. I started thinking what if this is my last vision – the ceiling fan. No palm trees, warm breeze or sounds of the ocean. Just a sterile environment whose only nicety is this fan.

This got me thinking as to how hyper aware I believe I will be just before I die. There are no memories of birth so maybe the eventual loss of consciousness that leads to death will be quiet different.

Additionally we have no idea when or where death will take place. Unless under extreme circumstances are we likely to end our lives voluntarily. Therefore there is this total unknown guarantee that we treat by brushing it off with denial and even humor.

I decided for a year starting June 25, 2012, I would experience a last vision three times a day. My cell phone is randomly given times to sound an alarm where I must drop to the ground, and take an image using my cell phone. I have no control over when these times will occur and so I have no control of the location or situation. By June 25, 2013 I will have 1,095 last visions.

– Kelly